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    Do I Need an Attorney?


    One of the more frequently asked questions on the Internet about estate law is: why do I need an attorney? There are many wonderful things about the Internet and one of them is the ability to get a lot of cheap, ready-made products such as wills. Generally, this lends the more »

    Estate Consultation


    In addition to flat rate services, we also provide hourly consultation on estate matters that are more complicated. Oftentimes, clients believe that a problem or issue they are having is more simple and straight-forward than it actually is. Estate law does not have the reputation for complexity of a practice more »

    Personal Representation


    Personal representation is a fiduciary responsibility of the deceased’s estate. It is his or her job to handle the financial affairs of the decedent and/or make legal decisions for another party (a minor child, an incapacitated adult) who had heretofore been the legal responsibility of the decedent. When the individual more »

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  • Probate Lawyer NYC: Experts in Estate Litigation

    We are a boutique law firm specializing in the practice of New York estate planning, probate and estate litigation. The New York State probate attorneys at our firm help our clients protect and preserve their assets and making sure that decedent’s wishes are carried out so that their beneficiaries can inherit their assets in the way they intended. The services that estate attorneys provide include advice and guidance to executors and beneficiaries regarding New York probate, trust and estate administration matters after a loved one passes away. A NYC probate lawyer also represents creditors and other interested parties to a New York estate.

    New York Estate Attorney – Estate Planning

    The estate planning process includes making decisions about who will handle your estate administration and legal affairs after you pass away or you become mentally incapacitated. A probate attorney in NY can help you with advance financial planning. Advance financial planning ensures that you control how your assets are distributed so that your family does not have the added stress of making those decisions when they are grieving. Effective estate planning also helps you reduce your estate taxes enabling your family to inherit more of your assets. An experienced NYC estate attorney or knowledgeable New Jersey probate lawyer, if you reside in NJ, can help you with the following estate planning strategies:
    • Drafting of a will and/or trust agreement
    • Preparing healthcare directives, living wills, healthcare proxies
    • Power of attorney
    • Medicaid asset protection trust
    • Long term care insurance

    New York City Estate Attorney Probate and Estate Administration

    The New York State probate and estate administration laws are complex. There are many stages involved and most people require the assistance of a New York probate lawyer. New York probate and estate administration stages include:
    • Establishing a probate by filing the petition and death certificate with the New York Surrogate’s Court
    • Notifying heirs and beneficiaries under the decedent’s will or establishing an intestate estate if there is no will
    • Appointment of the executor or personal representative
    • Preparing inventory of assets and accountings
    • Payment of the decedent’s bills and funeral and burial expenses
    • Selling estate assets
    • Reviewing, approving or denying claims against the estate
    • Paying estate taxes
    • Distributing estate assets to beneficiaries

    Your probate attorney - New York legal expert - will guide you through the various stages of the probate and estate process making sure that important court and tax deadlines are met. A New York estate lawyer can also refer you to other professionals such as a CPA, property appraiser, property manager or real estate broker. NYC estate attorneys can assist with finding heirs and locating assets as well as real property title transfers and estate tax matters.

    NY Probate Lawyers: Estate Litigation

    Estate litigation matters may arise when an heir has been omitted, a beneficiary feels they are not being treated fairly or an interested party is unhappy about the disposition of a claim against the estate. The NY estate lawyer can review the will and other documents to determine if you have a valid will contest or other claim against the estate. A New York probate attorney can help you file an estate litigation matter and represent you at an estate litigation hearing.

    The most common estate litigation matters include:
    • Will and trust contests
    • Accounting contests
    • Removal of fiduciaries for breach of fiduciary duty

    Estate Attorney NYC - Protecting Your Assets and Managing Your Estate

    If you are concerned about protecting and preserving your assets for your heirs and beneficiaries, or you need assistance with the administration of a loved one’s estate after their death, contact one of our estate lawyers NYC to schedule a consultation so we can discuss your matter and provide you with the right information.

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