legal writing

5 Tips to Better Legal Writing

While it is easy to assume that “writing is writing,” legal writing is different — and similar — to other types of written communication. The same desired results still apply: get rid of the mess, cut out the clutter and try to make your writing concise and clear. Sure, it sounds easy. Why do many more »

Tracy Hughes

Tracy Hughes: A Passionate, Abstinent Advocate

Tracy Hughes is a man who believes in giving back. Starting life under lousy circumstances, it went downhill. Perseverance, luck and a God of his understanding helped Hughes turn his life around. Today Hughes is busy paying the goodness back. His parents divorced when he was still young. Raised by a single mom, his life more »

Neighbor Faces Three Years for Helping a Dog

In the world today, even the best of intentions can land you before a judge. One woman in Washington State rescued a puppy that apparently had been abandoned, took it to the vet for a little medical care and has found herself facing up to three years in jail. Judy Camp still maintains she was more »


Things to Consider Before Blowing the Whistle

Even before Edward Snowden became an NSA whistleblower, people have often reported their companies for dangerous and fraudulent activity. While too lengthy to completely report here, a recent settlement against a California nursing home highlights some of the ins-and-outs of whistle blowing. The lessons learned is valuable information for anyone considering reporting their employer to more »

USC Law School Professor

RIP Professor Charles Whitebread, Good Guy and Drug Law Historian

Famous BAR/BRI criminal law lecturer and USC Law School Professor Charles Whitebread passed away Tuesday, Above the Law notes. In addition to being a funny and engaging guy, and one of the few BAR/BRI lecturers who did not make me want to gouge out my eyes, Professor Whitebread also had published interesting and frequently cited more »