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Inheritance law is not always fair

Inheritance law is not always fair when you die without a will

On December 29th a California court of appeal upheld a century old law of inheritance. Under the law in intestacy (when you die without a will) your estate is distributed to your “legal heirs” In California if you die “intestate” without a surviving spouse, domestic partner, surviving children or surviving descendents of deceased children, your more »

Estate Planning

e-Estate Planning Could Cost You

At the end of May, parties claiming deceptive business practices by LegalZoom filed a class action lawsuit in California against the online legal document preparation service. They argue that LegalZoom’s advertisements give consumers “a false sense of security that people do not need hire a traditional attorney.” In July 2007, Anthony Ferrentino asked his niece, more »

Landmark Case Allows Detroit To Exit Bankruptcy

In one of the largest municipal bankruptcy cases, a federal judge approved Detroit’s debt-cutting plan. Fifteen months after Detroit had filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection, Judge Steven Rhodes finally ruled that the city’s plan was feasible and fair and equitable to creditors as per the requirements of bankruptcy law. Detroit has been forced into more »