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retirement investment

Leave an Orderly Estate Behind

Planning an investment strategy for retirement can be a pleasant diversion. It is often enjoyable to think about being a world traveler with the freedom to pursue hobbies or any of the dozens of options you’ve associated with retirement. The reality is a little different. Once you retire, you’ll need to shift gears to focus more »

Inheritance kids

Don’t Do What This Grandmother Did to Disinherit the Grandkids

Remember when grandma asked you to visit? Some grandchildren in Austria didn’t and Grandma went to extraordinary lengths to keep her family from getting her money. She shredded over $1 million USD right before she died. Not happy to stop at that, she cut up her bank books. According to Forbes, the shredded bits were more »

Leaving a legacy in your ethical will

Leaving a legacy in your ethical will

My profession is estate planning. Clients come to me for help on how to preserve their life’s accumulations of wealth and how to pass it on to their loved ones. What I do for a grandfather and grandmother through legal documents will hopefully convey through transfer of financial assets, a lasting memory of their love more »

Probate conflicts and their cause and cure

Probate conflicts and their cause and cure

In my experience as an Orange County Probate Lawyer, the vast majority of estates are settled without difficulty. Still about twenty percent of all estates have some type of conflict. These estate conflicts are expensive and directly impact the amount of estate assets, including cash, that pass on to the heirs. Just having an up-to-date more »

Inheritance law is not always fair

Inheritance law is not always fair when you die without a will

On December 29th a California court of appeal upheld a century old law of inheritance. Under the law in intestacy (when you die without a will) your estate is distributed to your “legal heirs” In California if you die “intestate” without a surviving spouse, domestic partner, surviving children or surviving descendents of deceased children, your more »