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Determining Undue Influence

Determining Undue Influence

I blogged a few months ago about the change in California law that permits probate courts to rule in on the validity of a statement in your will that threatens to disinherit any person who files a lawsuit contesting the validity of your will. Under current law, the courts will allow good faith challenges that allege more »

100 Best Retirement and Finance Guides for Seniors

The Internet is full of guides for those setting up retirement plans and savings accounts, but what about those who are already starting to tap into their 401(k) or Social Security? For tips on understanding your savings budget to figuring out home and senior living costs to finding the best deals on health insurance, a more »

USC Law School Professor

RIP Professor Charles Whitebread, Good Guy and Drug Law Historian

Famous BAR/BRI criminal law lecturer and USC Law School Professor Charles Whitebread passed away Tuesday, Above the Law notes. In addition to being a funny and engaging guy, and one of the few BAR/BRI lecturers who did not make me want to gouge out my eyes, Professor Whitebread also had published interesting and frequently cited more »