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The Cautionary Tale of Steve McNair

The Cautionary Tale of Steve McNair

Former NFL quarterback Steve McNair was shot and killed in what police have deemed a murder-suicide on July 4, 2009, apparently at the hand of his mistress. He left a wife, Mechelle, and four young children (two from a previous relationship), and no will or estate plan. McNair’s estate is sizeable. He earned more than more »

Business Entity Mistakes, – Criminal Conduct and Independence

In this age of information, most small business owners understand they need the protection provided by a corporation or limited liability company. Such protection, however, can be lost though certain actions. Criminal Action Creating a business entity only protects a business and shareholders from civil liability. Civil liability arises from a body of state and more »

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Duty of loyalty and good faith

David Skeel, guesting on Conglomerate, posts on the distinction between the duty of good faith and the duty of loyalty. He says, in part: At least one Delaware judge has suggested that the good faith duty is part of the duty of loyalty, while several academics (including Hillary Sale and Mel Eisenberg) have characterized it more »