Free Confidential Consultation

I think it is a mistake many attorneys often make not to offer some free legal consultation to potential clients. First, it’s just a matter of courtesy. Not everyone actually has a problem or issue that requires the services of an attorney. Second, extending a kindness to people who require help is just part of being a decent human and being a successful business owner. That consultation could lead to future referrals or a new business relationship.

One of my paralegals said to me one time that the attorney-client relationship is a relationship. There needs to be chemistry or it doesn’t work. I look at that free consult as trying to figure out if that chemistry is there. Will the client trust me? Do I have a friendly vibe with client? What’s the family situation? Most of this can be figured out within that first phone call. I want to know what I’m getting into and you want to know what kind of attorney you’ll be paying for.

It’s a good thing to offer this free service.

Therefore, it is our standard practice at the firm to have everyone pick up the phone and provide you with at least 15 minutes of free legal consultation. When people hear “15 minutes” they often think that’s not enough time to understand their situation. I’ve been doing this a long time, and honestly it is. However, I don’t sit on my watch when you call. If we need to go over a little bit, we’ll go over. I just ask that we start in a place of respect, I respect your time, you respect mine and with that foundation, I promise, we’ll go places.

With that said, feel free to call our office anytime with your estate law questions and concerns. If I am not available when you call for your consultation one of the other attorneys or paralegals will be more than happy to provide you with assistance on your case. We’re a good team here and I promise your feelings and your time will be respected by each and every member of this staff.