Interview with Erica Rose

Interview with Erica Rose

Erica Rose is one of my favorite contestants from ABC’s The Bachelor: Rome. However, Erica’s reality TV career has not stopped there. She has also been on other shows such as: You’re Cut Off and Battle of the Bods: Reality Stars Edition. Erica may be known as a beautiful princess, but she is far from the stereo type of “spoiled.”

This is an interview with Erica originally published on now defunct Cinderella’s Glass website.

I spoke with Erica last Friday and learned about this beautiful, intelligent woman’s career. Speaking with her is a pleasure. She is very sweet. It was like speaking with a long time girl friend. The conversation never gets boring. In today’s’ interview you will discover that Erica has grown since she was originally on The Bachelor. You will also learn about her career path, hopes and dreams (move over Judge Judy), and some hints about her upcoming appearance on The Bachelor Pad 2, airing August 8th.

CGC: I learned that you were already accomplished before you became a Bachelor contestant. What do you want others to know about your career prior to the show?

ER: I have always been an overachiever; however, before the show I lived a very normal life, graduating from high school and college with excellent grades. I dreamed of a career in journalism, reporting, or hosting. I honestly thought The Bachelor would have a positive impact on my career. Instead it was detrimental because I was negatively stereo typed.

CGC: What made you try out for The Bachelor?

ER: Initially it was my dad’s idea. I wanted to travel outside of Houston and thought the show would be a great opportunity to do that. I just graduated college and was not in a relationship. Next, as previously mentioned, I thought the show might help my career. Many women go on the show stating it was solely their family’s idea, and they are only looking for love. That is not true because many of them also want to boost their careers. Not to imply I am not open to love, but it would be an additional bonus if the show helped my career.

CGC: You have been on other reality TV shows, such as, You’re Cut Off and Battle of the Bods: Reality Stars Edition. What was your favorite show to do and why?

ER: My favorite show was The Bachelor Pad 2. It was my first experience living under one roof with men and women. It was so much fun, like going to summer camp, and I met new friends. I also liked filming because, unlike the other shows that I was on, I really was able to learn about myself. Bachelor Pad 2 was a personal growth journey for me. Honestly, when I was filming You’re Cut Off I could only relate to 1 or 2 other girls. The others were negative, attention seekers. On The Bachelor Pad 2 I sincerely liked everyone. It truly was a wonderful experience.

CGC: Is it true that you are attending law school? What do you plan on doing with your degree?

ER: Yes. I will graduate in December. I would enjoy exploring the options of entertainment law or legal reporting. One day I would also love to do my own court show.

CGC: Currently are you working on Stiletto Bikini Blast Workout? Can you tell me something about the DVD?

ER: The DVD will be released in a few weeks. I was nervous about being judged wearing a bikini for the shoot. I do not have the perfect body, but the work out really helps tone you up. And waring high heels helps with balance. I am doing the video with my personal trainer, Cari Shoemate. She is terrific and helps everyone feel confident.

CGC: What do you say to the people who think that you are just a spoiled rich girl?

ER: I hope you will see a different side of me on the Bachelor Pad 2. I have grown and changed immensely from 23 to 28 and truly believe people will see that. At least I hope they will. Law school was challenging and gave me time to reflect.

CGC: I am excited for The Bachelor Pad 2. Is there anything you can tell me, or hint at, regarding this season?

ER: You will see plenty of drama. We also have a lot of fun. There will be romance, and it is much better than Bachelor Pad Season 1.

CGC: Finally, some say their guilty pleasure is watching you on reality TV shows. What is your guilty pleasure? Do you also watch reality TV?

ER: I really enjoy watching the Real Housewives and hope to be on the show one day. It would be amazing if I could film here in Houston . I would like to do a show here because I have been able to travel for all of the others. I like traveling, but it does uproot my life. I am ready to settle down and film here.

Erica may be self conscious of her body, but most of us would be ecstatic to look like her. To learn even more about Erica (yes there is more) please go to her website