Neighbor Faces Three Years for Helping a Dog

Neighbor Faces Three Years for Helping a Dog

In the world today, even the best of intentions can land you before a judge. One woman in Washington State rescued a puppy that apparently had been abandoned, took it to the vet for a little medical care and has found herself facing up to three years in jail.

Judy Camp still maintains she was making the best decision when she took home a visually impaired puppy who was, she says, kept outside “in an ocean of trash” on a hot day.

Neighbors had likewise griped about how the dog had been treated his previous owners. At the same time the Washington state family recorded a robbery report after the plump pooch—that Camp renamed Tank—vanished. When when Camp took the canine for a veterinary checkup a couple of days after she gained him, an Okanogan County sheriff’s representative was soon on the scene, the Spokesman-Review reports.

As Deputy Dave Yarnell gathered the creature’s therapeutic records, Camp attempted to take a calm walk with Tank. On the other hand, an encounter followed in the parking garage, and she was in the end, accused of pet robbery as well as deceiving police. (Yarnell says Camp elbowed him in the ribs. She says the representative pushed her into the side of her auto.)

Despite the fact that Camp had offered Tank’s previous holders $500 to surrender their pooch to her, and they agreed, the case was booked to go to trial Thursday. A trespass charge was dropped after the manager of the property from which she took Tank declined to pursue it.

Camp could have taken a plea-bargain, however she is going to trial on the grounds that she says she didn’t do anything wrong. In the event that she is sentenced, she could get three years, the daily paper reports.

“I don’t do anything wrong,” she said. “I finished everything the right way.”

The Spokesman-Review says it tried without success to contact the province sheriff’s office and the Okanogan County prosecutor taking care of the case.

Someone once said that no good deed goes unpunished. If you ever find yourself facing criminal charges because of something you did, even though you were doing a good deed, seek the advice of an attorney.